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hello guys my name is Nick rough quell and I hope you are living the dream hey I really want to thank you for joining us this essay writing masterclass webinar look you might be watching this because you couldn’t make it’s one of our live events you might watching this after one of our live events or you might just be watching this because you want to know how to write incredible essays whichever of those three it is or whatever reason it is there’s going to be something here for you you know taught this seminar up and down the east coast of Australia in schools and universities and companies and I think the reason it works is because it’s designed for both the advanced and those who are struggling right there’s going to be something here for everyone whether it be just working on perfecting your introductions or looking at how to analyze something from the start either way I’m sure you’re going to get bucket loads of content and valuable information from this webinar I really want to thank you for being here because I know how valuable your time is you know there’s a lot of things you could be doing right now you could be I was going to listen but I don’t think it will because if you don’t want to you don’t want to have to think about the fact you could be at the beach or doing something ultra cool but look this will make a difference to your future and that’s the important part right is that if you can apply these skills that I’m going to teach you it’ll help you with your schoolwork it’ll then help you with your HSC which becomes your ETA gets you into University gets your dream job you earn millions of dollars you retire and 35 and you can come back and thank me at that point and we’ll go out for dinner it’s somewhere really nice I think it can be your shower alright let’s get started with this as I mentioned this is all about writing incredible essays and so writing is a stool you’re going to need regardless of what subjects you do at school obviously English is the main one ride you can the needs write essays in english in the HSC you need to write one essay in paper one you need to write three essays and paper too but it’s also a skill that’s going to carry over to other subjects also you’re going to have economics you got geography legal studies pretty much every subject you can think of is going to incorporate an essay in some sort of way look even art even drama and dance they all have essay writing components so if you can nail this skill of essay writing it’s going to make a huge difference for every subject Under the Sun in this webinar we’re going to really focus on english because it is the core foundation for english it is also the only compulsory subject in the HSE so whether you’re listening to this and you’re in year 7 or you’re in year 12 it’s going to be relevant to you I think we need to start by really defining what an essay is so I want to ask you a question what is an essay and I’m not trying to patronize me with this question because I am quite sure that you would understand what an essay is and its most basic you know you have to go in there you write 40 minutes about something you don’t really care about I’m just kidding of course you care about it and you know you get marked on it based on that but I really feel like if we can define what an essay is really well it’s going to help us work out exactly what we need to do to write it well here’s where the dictionary says dictionary defines an essay it’s a short literary composition on a particular theme or subject usually in prose and generally analytic speculative or interpretive that’s a really hard words say interpretive now look I think there’s a bit too much word going on there I think there’s a few too many things happening there someone will break this down into what it feels really important from that the first one is the theme or subjects this is really why you’re writing you know what you were writing about whether it be the idea of discovery or it could be about context if you do modulate advanced or it could be distinctive voices there are endless themes or subjects and again if what we’re talking non-english it could be micro economic policies it could be crime if you’re doin legal studies that’s a theme or subject prose refers to how it is written prose is long form language so it’s not dot points it’s not a visual representation it’s actually long structured response though its analytical because it usually has to analyze something an English obviously you going to analyze your texts right you’re going to look at your text find examples that support whatever theme or subject you’re talking about speculative talks about how you’re trying to convey something right you’re trying to actually fight for an opinion so look I think those four points are good but I want to break it down even more so here’s my definition of an essay it’s an opinion or an idea supported by evidence it’s that simple it’s an opinion or an idea supported by evidence so again you need to argue that discoveries are an important part of the human process you’re then going to find evidence from your text whatever they might be to support that idea again let’s swing back to ancient history right you need to talk about Sparta being the fiercest army in all of the ancient world and again you’re going to find evidence that supports that you’re going to look at pottery you’re going to look at what other historians have to say that’s really what an essay comes down to is that you have to have an idea or an opinion and then you support it with evidence now once you to remember that if ever you’re trying to tackle in there saying your little bit stuck on what to do break it down to that most simple concept and that is what am I trying to convey and how am I going to convey it before you start any essay you need to know those things need to know what your ideas and you need to know what your evidence is that the two most important things there are two fundamental things you need to write an essay because without one of the other unit internet you’re not going to go anywhere all right you can’t just have an idea because that’s not an essay that’s just an opinion you can’t just have evidence because I it’s not persuasive right there has to be a persuasive component that’s where this speculative part comes in ask me a persuasive part of what you’re doing with essays you’re going to be marked on a few different things this is going to change based on your markers but you know when we look at HSC marking or you know Marcus who should really marked by the book this is what are we looking at how well you convey and support your idea so they’re going to want to see how well you are able to get that point across that you want to get across has it is it all sustained do you actually answer what you’re trying to fight for supporting you know that’s all about have used sufficient examples and techniques next one how you articulate your response this is how well you can write and I want to say that I have seen people who are brilliant writers but haven’t done good at the first job I haven’t competed for their ideal Wells they’ve lost marks and vice versa you might be very analytical and be able to explain your ideas really well but if you can’t do with flair and almost passion in how you write your markers up have a good time that really just next one how engaged your market is do you know there’s 80,000 essays written in that’s just discovery 80,000 discovery essays in every HSE you and you know only a handful of markers get to read those so you’ve got to make sure that even if your marker is a picks up your question booklet at nine p.m. on a friday night all they want to do is get home after a long day of teaching in class you want to get home they will never ever drink that when I’m line with that family but they have to read your essay first you have to be sure that your essay is going to engage them and I’m going to talk a little bit later on about how you can actually do this but you need to make sure that in your writing is not so boring your market falls asleep as they work through it writer has to be engaging and then finally how will you answer the question is this a little bit different from the first point because although our idea might be something about discovery you might be asked a specific question about discovery so you have to make sure you answer that and every time as well that’s really important and again we’ll talk about how to approach questions a little bit later on you know I feel like what I just showed you is very easy in theory but we’re going to break it down here’s what you need to do to nail your essay writing first up nail your introduction blitz your introduction introduction is there everything this is what I always teach my students is that introductions are really the most important part of your essay because they really set up the tone they set up the mood for that essay is going to be and and really establish how your market is going to view that essay secondly need to sustain your thesis thesis is another word for ideas to sustain your idea or opinion and support it well right so you need to be able to are you appoint you need support it with as many examples as you can find and we’ll look at that in more depth later provide comprehensive analysis this is something that really you should’ve been practicing since you’re seven but I understand a lot of students do struggle with analysis i’m going to show you really easy model the pedal model you might have seen it in class teachers do teacher because it is simple and it does work you also need to showcase your knowledge of context and synthesis we’ll talk a little about what those two things mean you need to use your related tax traditional sources so related texts obviously in english you need related text for a lot of your modules and really using your related texts to support your ideas again additional sources are just throw that in there because again if you’re doing Asian history for example you might need to include a whole lot of additional sources finally need to prove you know exactly what you were talking about so say with anything you want to be the expert in your fields right in you know I know it is just essay writing and it is just school but you still need to be able to prove that you are exactly you are completely on top of what it is you’re doing and again I’m going to show you a few different ways you can achieve that let’s get started on the content right and like I said introductions are everything i want to be a bit of a story you know when I first met my wife as she was singing on a stage you meant to the music scene and I saw her were about 18 or so at the time and I saw this woman on the stage and I was like who is this singing woman with the voice of an angel when she got off the stage you know I must have the courage to walk over her and say hello and you know really could have gone to one of two ways right she had no idea who I was at a time and I could have walked up to her and I could have said house garden listen I my name is my name is Nick and I like I like music you’ve really pretty voice or I could have walked up and said hey how you doing my name’s Nick you have an excellent voice I’d love to really get to know you a bit more now look fantasy bubble was nothing so probably somewhere in the middle because I’m sure I was nervous but I’m just using this as an example to show how that first impression in relationships is really important you know that’s exactly the same any introductions it makes no difference your introduction is your meeting point with your marker that’s why I stress the importance of an introduction your introduction is fundamentally the handshake you have with your market to say hey how you doing I know exactly what I’m talking about and then just as the story I gave with my wife if I had gone up and babbled through my words and got really confused and shy and had no real structured line of thought or really not had an intention of what it was I wanted to achieve which I guess was to get to know her a bit better it wouldn’t have gone anywhere right the whole conversation would have fallen apart but when you meet someone and you click and you communicate effectively and really go into that encounter with intention and resolve as to what it is you want to achieve you make a good impression that is no different in essay writing again you introduction is so crucial that I would almost say you know as long as you can nail it introduction you’re going to be fine I’ve heard it said in the HSE coming back to that eighty thousand papers markers kind of they read your introduction in depth to see what you unlike see how you communicate they skim read your body looking for your examples and analysis and they read your conclusion that’s why it’s so crucial to nail that introduction every time here’s what every introduction needs and I want to try and this is probably in the part that you can take anything at all from this webinar then this needs to be it what every introduction means four things two to three lines about the concept now when I say concept I don’t mean answering the question I don’t mean introducing the text I mean concept so if you are talking about discovery right this car is a good one to talk about because everyone’s going to do it you’re talking about discovery your concept is the value of discovery in people’s lives the best way of finding these two to three lines about the concept is to look at the rubric and if you look at the rubric for discovery it’s just dotted with literally great lines 12 lines that you can use to open your introduction the reason I say talk about concept because it really establishes you know exactly what you’re talking about again it’s just like meeting a person you don’t want to run straight to the point you kind of want to warm up with a bit of a taste river entree and so if you can kind of mail a couple of lines about the concept use them in introductions it’s going to make a huge difference i’m going to show you that in detail in just a moment but this is something you can actually almost prepare you can almost have a couple of different opening lines gasa is ready to go and pull it out based on what the question is the next step is to introduce your texts and a short summary of each I want to say a short summary I really do mean a short summary yeah you can’t afford to spend two three lines recounting the story line of that list of that text you have to kind of introduce your text and talk about how it links to your main ideas your thesis if we want to keep using that word then you need to deal with the question so whatever that question is asking you need to refer to it you need to make sure you’ve dealt with it in depth in that introduction when your introductions setting you up for what you’re then going to talk about later right so make sure you do with the question and then finally bring it back to the audience this is where a lot of people go wrong write your essay writing has to reflect on you as the responder that’s what your markers want to see that you have actually gained it a greater insight or a new understanding of something through your studies right so if you can bring it back to the audience every time and talk about how it is impacted the audience which is in theory you it’s gonna make a huge difference because they’re going to see that personalized response that they want to see cool let’s look at these in depth first up two or three lines about concepts I’ve written one here for you just so you can kind of see what I’m talking about the process discovery can be an intensely meaningful journey for the individual that will often result in renewed understandings of themselves and the world around them look I mean that that might sound really clever but in all fairness i’ve taken it straight from the rubric with a couple of my own words in there like i said go to the rubric for discovery there’s so many dot points then you can just pull out and use to opening lines if we’re talking about a module a for example you’re opening lines want to be about context sorry that’s our advanced module a you want to talk about context and the value of the backgrounds of composers shaping their understanding right if you are doing let’s say wilfredo on war poetry your opening line is going to talk about the futility of life people in politics you want to talk about how composers portray individuals and unique ways to convey a specific perspective these opening lines are crucial to get right because again that the very first thing your market see and look I’ve marked so many essays in my time and I promise you that I can usually tell you what that person is going to get what Mark Lee going to get by the end of their introduction maybe another month but at least they’re banned you know I’m going to know if it’s a band 6 response based on the introduction so getting those opening lines right edge is crucial let’s move on we’re going to introduce our texts so I’ve uses the tempest as the example here from Discovery this idea is explored in William Shakespeare 1610 play the tempest which highlights the transformative process of discovery through prosperous renewed understanding himself and Miranda’s loss of innocence and naivety as she learns about the world around it similarly Alexander Payne’s 2011 film The Descendants explores the impacts of discovery upon a family and their ultimate redemption that’s when i say short you’re not going into storylines so much but you do want to talk about maybe the characters you’re going to focus on or the key themes you’re going to draw out so in this which we were spoke focusing primarily on Prospero and Miranda Prospero is a great understanding a great illustration of understanding of self Miranda really learns more about her world and I think it works really well paralleled with George Clooney’s film The Descendants which is a great movie by the way you haven’t seen it go and see it’s one of my favorite although in office I keep telling people that if people keep coming back to me you’re saying that was terrible and I’m really disappointed about that because I love it I love it love it so go watch The Descendants that’s your introduction of text you make sure you do a couple of things but sure you introduce who the poses are make sure you mention what type of text to do so play a film a book a poem whatever it is try and brands mentioned the year just because it anchors it in context a little more and then yeah try and introduce it through the scope of what you’re going to be talking about well there’s no point of me saying defend this is a film about a dad who loses his wife find out his she’s having an affair sorry I should have said spoiler alert there just ignore what I just said but look you want to really frame it through what you’re going to be talking about next part is to answer the question so in this one I’ve kind of adapted one of the previous questions from the HSC both texts use a variety of dramatic and visual features to show the sudden and unexpected nature of discoveries cool some extent so there is the question dealt with we’ve referred to dramatic and visual features just as a way of supporting now claim because again we’re setting ourselves up for what we’re going to be talking about that’s the key here finally bring it back to the audience so following on from the last one unexpected nature discoveries and challenged the audience to consider the influences that lead to significant discoveries in their own lives so again we’re coming back to the audience right when making it personal you’re conveying what you’ve learned from it and look in all fairness even if you haven’t learned something from it you need it you need to be able to pretend that you have I know that sounds that sounds really fake and I’m not meaning it to be fake but I’m going to be honest and transparent with you and I feel like sometimes there’s going to be texts that you hate right someone’s going to book so you really don’t want to films you don’t connect with if your voice metropolis and you doing moduli advanced you’ll understand what I mean it is the longer silent film ever ever ever but you still need to glean some sort of understanding from it he needs that to come across in your essay writing let’s put that all together and just kind of read through what this introduction would look like the process of discovery can be an intensely meaningful journey for the individual I will offer a result in renewed understandings of themselves and the world around them this idea is explored in William Shakespeare’s 1610 play The Tempest which highlights the transformative process of discovery through prosperous renewed understanding of self and Miranda’s loss of innocence and naivety as she learns about the world around her similarly alexander payne’s 2011 film The Descendants explores the impacts of discovery upon a family and the ultimate redemption both texts use a variety of dramatic and visual features to show a sudden and unexpected nature of discoveries and challenged the audience to consider the influences that leads significant discoveries in their own lives boom that is in theory about six introduction writers got all the points that we want there I’m going to leave that up there just for a lil bit longer just so you can have a look through and see exactly what it is that makes that introduction golden right we had a good read of that look if you’re doing Tempest you can copy it but just be aware they’re probably a lot of other people will too so you want gonna want to change it in some sort of way I’m hoping that that step by step guide right there shows you exactly what to do for every essay youtube this is not just discovery hey it’s not even just English although in office probably does lead a bit more towards English than other subjects but in English introductions or everything alright so make sure you nail them every time two to three lines about the concept introduced your text with a short summary deal with the question and then bring it back to the audience let’s talk about a thesis now if we went back to our points second one was you have to be able to sustain your thesis and supporter well the dictionary again defines a thesis as a proposition stated or put forward for consideration especially one to be discussed and proved and that’s a thesis you know within science they might have a thesis about something that they assume that hot air rises then they do test to find out if it’s true they discuss that they eventually prove it basically your thesis is your idea so within any essay you have to have a strong idea or opinion now the thing does to be aware of is that you don’t want it to sound like your own opinion you need to really be able to write your essays craft usa’s like it is actually fat and you’re just simply proving that right you don’t want to enter your essays saying well I think this or in my opinion this no no you’re going to say simply discovery is a fundamental human process right you’re just launching straight into it and nailing those things and that’s why the hardest things for students to kind of grapple is conveying their ideas in a way that sounds authoritative so it’s not just something they’re kind of making up on the spot but something they fully believe to be true now sustaining your thesis can be a little challenging but I think really it starts with topic sentences topic sentence is something you might have seen your teachers talk about but really they are the opening lines of every paragraph you put at the top of each paragraph there generic statements that convey your ideas right you’re going to have them at the top of each paragraph and then in that paragraph do simply talk about everything that’s going on in there right so it’s going to one or two lines again that really talk about everything you’re going to speak it out they also answer the question and it has to be generic right so that’s one of the things I see students students struggle with as well is that their topic sentences is often very specific to a text or a theme or an example they have to be generic i think i have an example so as i said you’re going to start each body paragraph with your topic sentence then use your evidence to support your idea right so you basically it would be like if you and I got together for a conversation we wanted to actually have a debate about something we wanted to have a discussion about two different opposing beliefs you would simply state your belief and then you would say why right it’s the exact same thing in your body and that’s how you should stay in your thesis the best way of choosing a topic sentence is to find a theme that runs through both texts so just as an example if we’re sticking with Tempest and descendants I think Redemption / forgiveness is a really prevalent theme in both of them so we can kind of craft our opening line about that so here’s just two examples I have which kind of show you what a topic census will look like the first one discovery is often lead the individual to learn more about themselves by that is a very generic statement which we can then use our supporting examples techniques all those kind of things to really support that idea a next one discovery is an important human process leads the individual from innocence to understanding and now in both of those they would both work perfectly with my discovery sa here right because we’re talking about learning more about themselves Prospero is an excellent example of that I think the dad and descendants George Clooney himself is a is a great example of that and then when we’re looking more about innocence to understanding we can see it in both losers what brand is great snapshot at that so try and just try and come up with these topic sentences right they have to be generic they have to me it’s a statement right you’re just making a statement about something and you’re supporting it with everything else you know as I said you use examples and techniques to support it cool so now that you have written an incredible introduction you are ready to sustain your thesis so you’ve got a good topic sentence set up whether that be something about the value of forgiveness or it could be or to know the sudden and unexpected nature of discoveries whatever it is you want to be you then have to bring in analysis and this is what your markers want to see this is where people make or break an essay is in their analysis there are a lot of different ways of doing it but I really do think the easiest way is petal p et al and I say that because I mean it’s taught in schools from a young age which might make you think that it’s quite simple and I guess it is simple but you know it actually really works we’re going to break it down petal P stands for point so you state your point right you make your point you go ok so our point is going to be this is after our topic sentence so we’re going to say something like Prospero uses magic as a facade for his own insecurities and I apologize ever read The Tempest before let’s try I’ll bring in a standard text let’s try Wilfred Owen’s war poems right your point might be the dolch et decorum sort of speaking Latin there that’s the title of the poem doccia decorum highlights the futility and pointlessness of war through the graphic description obviously of a soldier’s death right there’s just another module for top my head that we could use it’s a point right it’s just one which what we’re saying we then need to start backing it up right so point number two II remember petal PE example so we provide our example so we’re going back to the tempest you could you know we started up Prospero using magic we then just say this is best shown in act 3 scene to something like that and then we quote it if we’re going back to dolci attic or ms by wilfred owen we would say this is evident in the simile or in the metaphor which I think I’ve top of my head drunk like hags or something like that you know that show that’s right quite at all I apologize I’m just making it up but that’s your example that’s what we need to get done you need to specify your example and this is where you need to be prepared for says you have to have stuff going ahead of time your point you’ve got your example then it’s technique right you identify what technique is has been used in that example so again if you’re doing a an example from what’s another good one we can focus on let’s say 1984 metropolis we’re doing modulate advance you would find I think the opening scene a metropolis is a great example of this so the technique might be contrast or juxtaposition or you could be looking at something else in your technique is going to be metaphor simile you really need to know your techniques really well that’s that’s crucial part of this because it’s really hard for you to go ahead with essay writing without understanding your techniques completely so look I think there’ll be a list of techniques attached to this video which you can go through just make sure you know the well and really you need to know your texts well yeah offer now as a tutor I’m asked to help students a couple of weeks out from exams and I mean I can help a student write an essay no problem at all but the issue is when they don’t know the text at all there’s not a whole lot I can do either need to know the text you need to know your text really well to write a good essay technique effects / analyze so this really talks about what that technique is trying to achieve so you’ve kind of said so this is a metaphor that shows the dangers of war and then so you’re a factor analysis would be this highlights the confronting nature of war yeah or it brings attention to the often unseen side of battle right something like that and you’ll find a one is linked to your idea again so bring it back to whatever it is to talking about ultimately showing that Wilfred Owen is passionate about his anti-war idea something like that you know that’s your link here’s what I’ve got it and we’re going to talk this outbreak at gallivan so we throw first prosperous discovery leads him to reflect on his own weaknesses and in doing so illustrates the redeeming power of forgiveness this is best illustrated in Act five scene 1 as Prospero releases his use of magic as a symbol of his newfound identity then there would be the quote now the use of metaphor in describing his wand conveys the power and had over him and in burying and under the earth is expressing with the no longer needs magic that is ultimately discovered who he is this transformation of Prospero highlights the transforming power discovery cool let’s break this down simply can spot everything so p there’s our point prosperous discovery leads them to reflect on his own weaknesses and in doing so illustrate the redeeming power of forgiveness that’s how pin that’s our point e example so we’re just setting it up a little bit this is best illustrated in Act five scene 1 as Prospero releases his use of magic as a symbol of his newfound identity with a nice little quote there then we’re up to our tea we’re identifying what technique we’ve got so you’ve got the use of metaphor in describe me as one conveys the power it had over him and then this kind of merges into our 8 our analysis or hourly effect it has and in bearing it underneath is expressively no longer means magic that is ultimately discovered who he is then finally there’s al this transformation of Prospero highlights transforming power of discovery that’s your pedal and I think it’s really simple it’s a great great great way of just remembering how to do things and I guess as you progress as you get better at these things you can complicate it a bit more cop gets better you can deepen it make it a bit more sophisticated but look even you can use petal so the to the point and just and you still get bad sex there’s nothing wrong with pedal at all so look I would I’d practice practice practice practice petal is key and hey looks surprised we can actually try this right now here’s one for you to try I want you to give this a while I’ll leave this on the screen I’ll give you about two minutes to give it a whirl your turn so here’s a picture and would say you felt smaller more lost me ever had when he was alone in the city question is how does this image highlight the experience of loneliness now think about pedal make your point explain technique and allies and link your two minutes a try all right I wasn’t two minutes at all but I guess this is a video and you can pause it for as long as you need so yeah I mean look if you don’t enough time pauses now restart me when you are ready we’ll talk through it first on this discuss this image a little bit let’s talk about the different things that are going on here we’re talking about loneliness right that’s our main focus series on loneliness so you might have had the difference in colors right the juxtaposition / contrast of colors we’ve got a white individual with a colorful background to show their doesn’t fit in right you could also talk about the disproportionate sizes which again is a contrast to a juxtaposition you’ve got him being really big the world around him being really small again he doesn’t fit in well you might have drawn attention to the words and they’re very unique placing he felt smaller more lost never had when he was alone in the city so not only is it talking about loneliness but just a placement right you’ve got them all separated and split up and they’re the kind of things you could you could focus on so let’s let’s just do a pedal for one of those points let’s focus on the colors right so P we’re going to talk about the individual in the image contrast with the colors of the city highlighting is loneliness alright that’s our pea it does actually fuse a bit about a in it because it’s visual it’s a little bit hard to separate them but our example the black and white face of the individual contrast of the bright colors of the background cool technique the composer’s use of contrast or juxtaposition then we can analyze it highlights the alienation of the individual and his inability to adjust in this new place and Link would bring it back to the experience of loneliness and ultimately draws attention to loneliness of the individual cool again I’m freestyling so freestyle freestyle and freestyling free three star so look I think if you’re writing probably can do much better than I did then but there’s a couple of different ideas for you to think about let’s go on to the next one how does the image convey family as a source of belonging these are passed HSE questions by the way both of these such a good indication of the kind of challenges you’re going to have these are in the HSE of paper one paper to paper one is three parts you’ve got to si you’ve got a comprehension section and a creative writing section these are drawn from the comprehension comprehension in particular you need to know your techniques because you’ve got to spot them on the fly how does the image convey family as a source of belonging and again we’re going to make it worth to marks so I’ll give you a moment I am aware now that this is a video so you can pause it at any time but I’m going to give you a bit of time bit of space to try and work this out when you come up with two different points and try and follow through pedal it’s the best way you’re going to earn marks oh right now this one’s a little bit cryptic so I can understand if you might have had some struggles let’s talk it out so this one’s really all about symbolism right I think there’s two very prevalent ideas that we can focus on now the first one is the way in which the family members are all leaning upon each other and I really think that symbol is a symbol of dependency and that’s what family is where I would dependent upon each other so I think that’s definitely one you could focus on if you didn’t get that or if you’ve got another one I’d love to hear about it but here’s another one you can focus on you can talk about how the heads are all the same which symbolizes that they’re all the same family but the body is are very different which again symbolizes our unique personalities right there’s two ideas so again I’ll give you another minute or so for you to try and actually write up a bit of a petal on each of those I’ve given any ideas you just got to then explain them where people will struggle will be in the a of this section is really explaining what they’re talking about because both of those are quite cryptic I’ll give you a moment see how you alright let’s jump back into it again if you need more time just pause this I won’t be offended oh man I wish we were working together right now you know videos are cool and all but ho there’s nothing compared to personal relationships and that’s what we do in alchemy tuition we’re all about personal relationships you know this might be good and I get the content across but nothing in the world compares to actually be able to sit down with someone and having them teach you something personally or being able to ask questions so yeah look if we can help you in any way with essay writing or if you do want to just do a session with someone and learn how to write incredible essays give us a call book online we’d love to get you sorted all right so hopefully you’ve now got a bit of a response and again I’m going to try and think of this up on the spot but let’s talk about petals so a point I’m just focusing the first one the image shows the close-knit nature of family and the dependency they have on each other example this is illustrated through the way in which each family member is leaning upon the other technique this symbolizes analysis this symbolizes the dependency we have as each one is required to support the other link it back this therefore shows that family is a deep source of belonging right real simple that would give you one mark you do the other one you’ve got your two marks a good way of thinking about your essays Rosie every time you do a full petal every time you work through an example and support it analyze it that’s one mark for you I mean if you know it’s not exactly right but that’s a really good way of thinking about it so you know that if you’re going to be out of 20 you want to try and get 20 pedals that might be a bit of a struggle you might be able to get two examples in each time right and that can double up you might think I’m crazy for suggesting that many and a beer to sea level it probably is pushing it a bit in your discovery which is only worth 15 I’d say look try and get 10 from your prescribed and maybe five from you related I know is 15 but that’s a little bit easier they don’t have to remember any other essays but if you go to people too you’ve got three times 20 mark essays which is a bit of struggle so maybe try 10 for each of those you know do what you can do but it’s just a good way of thinking about it all right these next parts are getting you going to work through a little bit quicker right we’re going to talk a bit more about a few different things that are really going to make a difference in your essays and show your markers that you know we’re talking about I guess just as a recap let’s just go back through what we do know so far right we’ve learned that introductions are crucial I’ve shown you a four-step method to writing incredible introductions every time and hopefully like a viewer questions about that please ask me what i’m hoping i don’t get any questions because i’m hoping that everything i explained in the introduction section was straightforward enough you know if essay writing is absolutely a formula it’s not a creative thing I mean it’s nice to be able to infuse a bit of creativity in there but it’s a formula that you can follow a time and time again so you write those killer introductions you then establish some really good topic sentences which are generic statements about the ideas you then support that with different examples from the text and with each example you do a petal so you’ve kind of taken each one apart and explained it really well linking back to your ideas each time look I mean that’s really that’s really the foundations these next kind of things are the ice cream and what’s the phrase the cream on top the heat topping you know what I’m try to say they’re like the little bit extra which is getting to be a little bit tastier your markers gonna be a little bit more impressed and it’s going to make a big difference let’s start with this one context now again if you’re doing advanced module a context is everything but look context is even relevant in every every module you gonna do one of my HSC students recently said my teacher gives give me these massive booklets about context in discovery and I just don’t know why and look I mean she definitely need the huge booklets she being given but it important to understand why your composure is doing something context is all about the y right and makes a big difference because especially module a advanced definitely module C for advanced as well people in politics let’s talk about people in politics for a sec so you’re going to be looking at how specific composers portray specific people or characters and really you want to bring back to why like why they’re doing that what are they personally trying to achieve through that and there’s even relevant in Discovery right maybe not so much with what’s a good one in the discovery for context let’s all wear Robert Frost Robert Frost poems in discovery they’re a great one for why because what for us is constantly questioning the meaning of everything context is crucial so it’s always really good to be able to do a bit of background study on your text and understand why you composer has done what they’ve done what has driven them to create in the way they have or what has motivated them to convey a specific character the way they have now you don’t need to devote a huge amount of time to this in your essay but again it’s probably going to take you from a 13-2 or 14 just as an example if you mention context if you allude to the why behind your composure it’s going to make a big big difference another thing to consider with context is about how a text is received right there are a lot of texts 1984 for example was banned for a long time whereas now we’re allowed to read it it’s mild compared to everything else you know so context is really important because you’re talking about how its axis received in different audiences Shakespeare’s a great one to talk about because he’s he’s forming his plays to Elizabethan society so he has to throw things in like slapstick you know you’ve always got your comical characters that break up the drama yeah before every exam every essay you have to write just think a little bit about context any of you can squeeze it in there go because it’s golden an excellent connection between texts or I called it synthesis earlier one of the the biggest hurdles for students is in dealing with both texts in a way that works i’ll break that down a little bit confusing what you’ll see a lot of students do is that they will simply go okay so I’m doing discovery my text is what’s another good tooks letter than that let’s talk about the tempest my texts a tempest I’m going to talk about that for a bit i’m gonna find another text about discovery and i’m going to talk about that for a bit because that’s my related text right or they’re gonna they’re going to do module be critical study for advanced they can do speeches and they’re going to go i’m going to wear this feature appears i’m going to stop talk about this speech for a bit again the incredible essays are going to be able to link them much better they’re just going to draw parallels out of both of them so if you’re going to do the discovery you’re related text I’m good job with more about related text in a bit but you’re going to want to draw parallels that really link your discovery text related its going to make a huge difference if you can actually draw parallels between look for connections that’s the key here how do you use your related sex that’s the one we get asked all the time what’s a good related sex for discovery and I always say that’s actually not a very good question right it’s like going to the doctor and asking to see and asking for medicine before you told him your symptoms because I need to know a lot more about your prescribed text than just what is related sexual discovery because you could find discovery in almost everything but the reality is that what’s a good related text for you is not going to be good related texts with someone else write it depends a lot about the characters you’re dealing with the themes you’re focusing on so yeah it’s much more than just your actual relate your prescribed text you you your whole related text is there just simply support your idea whatever that is so if your core idea is I don’t know the the sudden and unexpected nature discoveries will come back to this one then you’re going to want to find a related texts that shows that exact same thing or shows the inverse of that so if something unexpected you know is your prescribed then you’re related to X wants to show the gradual and deliberate discoveries because you want to show contrast but again you want to bring back to the themes and find find perfect matching themes they’re all characters you know it could be characters work really well together either way just make sure you were later text supports your idea yeah it doesn’t just need to be connected to discovery or connected to module C right you want to make sure that is it is in sync with what you’re arguing that’s where related texts are all about a final step is to prove you know what you’re talking about like I said we kind of listed those things you need to tick off to write incredible sau killer introduction there are strong sustained thesis well-supported you’ve got it incredible analysis to go alongside it your discussions of context you synthesized your text well you have strong related text to support your ideas your final step is prove you know what you’re talking about and this isn’t really I shouldn’t say that that step although most of us chronological this one needs to start from the very beginning right these are little things you can do along the way that make a huge difference first one is you need to be formal in how you write yeah I mean these days were so used to SMS and snapchat and all of the simple ways of communicating that don’t actually matter with formalities at all that when it comes to essay writing can almost seemed like riding in a foreign language but it really doesn’t have to be like I don’t want you to overthink it just imagine that you are applying for a job for an example that’s the kind of language you want to use it has to be to the point it has to be succinct but it has to be formal enough but your marker knows and let’s see it’s a professional document formality is important right and I see students make this mistake all the time when they fall into this here’s my own opinion or is why I reckon and it’s just not formal enough try and keep it formal this is another one where people struggle a little bit stick with facts and avoid opinions I don’t know this is Lily council to what I’ve said already so I want to talk about a little bit more look if you’re going to say okay how’s mr. XP Deus if you are expressing your opinion on something right and that opinion might be that discovery is a sudden and unexpected process right that’s your opinion but you’re still going to use facts to support it great you’re still going to say and you’re still going to say it and then you’re going to say and this has shown through the process of BAM well this is showing through the character BAM when I say avoid opinions you don’t want to say things like I believe that yeah you want everything you say you want it to sound like it’s a fact like you’re really just supporting it with a an encyclopedia or something like that right stick with your facts and avoid opinions spelling and grammar counts oh no you might have been told that they don’t and then they’re not going to look it’s not going to cost you marks if you have a spelling mistake but just like the opening lines are so important because they add to the overall impression it’s the exact same thing with spelling and grammar right they might not individually count but it’s still going to it’s still going to matter on the overall scope of things make sure that you where possible spelling in grandma’s flawless and I know when you’re in an exam and you’re freaking out and you’ve got five minutes to go it’s very hard to kind of make sure that everything is perfect but look for ones when you get to pre prepare your essay right at home andaman make sure it’s all flawless don’t do what I see students do sometimes and they sit there and they use a thesaurus with every word because your market is going to know your teacher is going to know what you’re capable of a hub so yeah just make sure your spelling and grammar counts of water be succinct it’s a really important point because I see a lot of students waffle their way through things without actually having any substance in it you got to remember what is going to earn your marks and what it’s not right it’s one of the most important thing is free to remember is that if I go to the effort of writing this paragraph is it going to only marks and if it doesn’t have analysis in it if it doesn’t convey a thesis if it doesn’t support what you’re trying to argue it probably want to make sure that everything you say earns you marks because you don’t have time at least in the HSE you don’t have time to spend doing anything else that’s not going to earn your marks that make sense be succinct succinct is all about getting to the point making sure things count I think it’s one of the most crucial things you need to focus on is yet just cutting to the point you’re raising the noise making sure it’s a very easy air safety of our Katrine that really leads on to the last point I have in terms of showing you the expert is have fun right and I know it might seem hard to have fun it in an essay at times but I think you’ll find look at as a set of marked a bazillion essays in my time and time and time again the ones that score best are the ones you can tell the students have actually enjoyed it may be no enjoyed as the word have engaged with personally you know we can tell we can tell if you lose writing it in a way in which I hey what I’m doing and I’m just doing this to get it done if you can actually engage with your text and engage with the module and actually if form your own unique understanding of it it’s going to make a huge huge difference to try and have fun hey we’re trying to funny to everything you do I shouldn’t just be an essay principal should be in everything we smash it away at extension to maths I look have fun if you are crunching physics numbers at the end of every day have fun with it look whatever you’re doing have fun but yeah what you know as markers we can tell we can tell you having fun we can tell if you enjoy what you’re talking about because that personal tone is going to come through a little bit more that’s it guys my voice going an hour of talking in a well air-conditioned room must have done me but hey look I hope and you got something out of this I feel like it was a very straightforward scaffold in terms of what you can do to write incredible essays the best thing you can do is go and practice right so again below this you should find practice questions G to attempt and then one on upload those to HSC marking com do you one of our sites where they’ll be marked by markers and returns you within 48 hours real simple look if you’re struggling with anything to do with essay writing or English or really any subject one of our tutors can help you know we’ve got shooters across the state ready to go ready to work with you and they’re all little tutors I personally trained hand selected myself so I know they’re the best at what they do look I hope you enjoyed today I really really do just remember i’m going to recount this again one more time writing incredible essays it’s really five steps right you’re going to have an incredible introduction yeah four step process you know a couple of lines about the concept you can introduce your text and what they’re about you not answer the question then you’re going to bring it back to the audience right ask ecomax audience once you’ve got that you’re then going to sustain your thesis throughout by having strong topic sentences strong topic sentences of the key right because again that’s set to mark up to know what is their coming because if you make a topic sentence and then there’s nothing in the body that really links to that they’ll know something’s wrong we need to sustain it it’s going to be perfect your then can sustain it through analysis analysis is the key analysis p et al petal to make sure your petaling every example you use and just remember pedal is roughly one point perp so we nail it you’re going to get a mark following on from that you’re going to have your conclusion we didn’t really talk about conclusions the conclusion is really just summarizing what you’ve spoken about it summarizing your introduction in theory you’re also going to talk a little about context you’re going to make sure that your texts are well synthesized so you’re drawing different parts of different texts within the same paragraph we didn’t talk too much about structuring but I would always say rather than going here’s one text next paragraph here’s another text try and go here’s one theme and I’m drawing different parts from different text because that’s going to show an advanced understanding of what you’re talking about once you’ve kind of focused on that you’ve then got your final couple of things make sure your succinct make sure you to the point and ultimately have fun in what you do like I said I’m so so thankful you could join me today for this essay writing masterclass webinar webinar how funny is that word webinar people can be using it i’m not i’m not really sold on it yet but hey i hope you got something out of this today please please please get in touch I want to help you in some sort of way I wish we could have done this in person it would be much more fun but hey this this did the job was an hour in your room watching and now go put into practice yeah don’t waste time going to put everything I showed you into practice it’s the ultimate way to write incredible essays you guys are awesome you’re destined to do great great things keep bringing out the gold we’ll chat soon