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Because this challenge isn’t the hardest one ever it earns its place at the bottom of this list. However, it is still quite a difficult challenge and will require players to have a good amount of luck to actually pull off.

Build yourself some cover, and try to isolate one player if possible. Most players will chase you if you begin to build, and they may lose each other as well. It is unnecessary to engage in a fight and fully commit to an enemy if there is more than one enemy left in the game.

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Every week new challenges come out for Fortnite Players to complete so they can earn cosmetics from the battle pass and limited time events. There are so many challenges in the Battle Royale game Fortnite, some easy, some difficult and then there are some challenges that are downright ridiculous to complete.

Dealing damage with 5 different weapons is going to being a strenuous task for even the most seasoned Fortnite player. This is because the player will have to find 5 different types of weapons and then be able to do damage with every one of them at least once. It sounds easy but when a player is in the heat of battle they aren’t thinking about switching weapons to get their challenge done. Any regular player of this Battle Royale knows that llamas are hard to come by even when actively searching for them. There are very few llamas scattered throughout the world in each match and this fact makes finding them a difficult and time-consuming task.

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If a player engages you in a fight and won’t leave you alone, eliminate them quickly. If a player is aggressive towards you and tries to get into your fort, keep building walls so he won’t be able to come in. A trap is a safest and quickest way to deal damage to a player inside your fort.

Dealing damage with Grenades isn’t the most difficult task in Fortnite however it can take a lot of time if the player is actively trying to do damage with them. Grenades also come in small amounts and carrying them is not worth the inventory slot in a lot of situations which makes this challenge even harder to complete.

Do not give a player time to heal after dealing damage to them. To stop the enemy from healing after dealing damage to them, just spam them with shots. Even if they constantly keep building to keep from getting shot at, it’s okay because if they are busy building that means they are not taking time to heal up. The most effective way to damage a player is to attack them from their blind side. A lot of damage can be done to a player when they don’t expect it.

Chests are a common sight in Fortnite, however, this challenge will have players traveling to 3 different locations in search of one of these treasure troves in a single match. This challenge may not sound too hard however what makes is so difficult is that after the match has been going on for 5 minutes or so, most of the chests especially in hot drop locations have already been looted. This challenge will require a lots of skill and a large amount of grinding on the Getaway game mode. There are 3 of these challenges in total, the first challenge requires 1 win, the second requires 3 and the hardest challenge of all of them requires the player to win 5 matches of Getaway.

  • Because the different modes are separated, you’ll either only be playing against other Duos or other Squads.
  • If you want something less intense, whip out your hang-glider right away, survey the scene, and casually drift towards where everyone else isn’t.
  • Decide what kind of game you want to play, and free fall to that game.
  • If you want something confrontational, dive right where everyone else is diving—usually this means the Tilted Towers region, which is full of buildings and good loot.

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