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Le Wagon is a strong community of developers, designers, entrepreneurs and tech talent, creating unique opportunities for our alumni worldwide. Software frameworks are used to support website, application, and resource development with particular programming languages. To earn the certification, candidates must achieve 75 percent on a 90-minute exam consisting of 55 questions. An industry-recognized certification, Zend PHP Certification measures a web developer’s knowledge of PHP 5.5.

Exam topics range from PHP basics to web features, and security to object-oriented programming. Candidates must successfully pass a 70-question, computer-based examination to earn the Zend PHP certification designation. Web developers should have familiarity with testing processes used to identify those bugs, and software frameworks such as Jasmine.

If you want to gain legitimacy and technicity to upskill, or simply communicate better with your dev team, a coding bootcamp is exactly what you need. If you want to launch your startup, you will learn to prototype your MVP, be autonomous on small technical tasks, and manage your future dev team. After a career as an assistant in the UK parliament, followed by being a strategy consultant, Matt decided to learn to code and create his own brand strategy and design agency. Our alumni have launched successful startups, some of them raising up to $10M or even being acquired by Apple.

Students will learn to create websites for businesses, taking into consideration the needs unique to businesses. The associate degree is a popular track for aspiring web developers. Usually lasting two years, the associate degree can also serve as a base for a future bachelor’s degree.

Modern websites must adapt to mobile device use, requiring an understanding of responsive web design. CSS frameworks are used to structure and develop websites. They provide custom style guides that are used to help developers maintain industry best practices. The master’s degree is generally the highest degree an individual can receive in web development. This is well suited for web developers who seek advanced or specialized knowledge, or those who are already in a computer technology related industry but would like to shift their focus to web development.

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In addition to learning extensive web development, computer science and information technology concepts, students will also take general education classes to obtain a well-rounded education. I just want to learn how to program, build and design web pages and I want to learn this as soon as possible. I don’t need a degree, just something that will teach me how to create web sites. No specific degree or educational path exists for careers in web development, and it’s possible to become a web developer with or without a formal education.


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You will learn the core concepts of object-oriented programming, and structure your software following design patterns like MVC. In addition to mastering back-end programming languages , you will develop your front-end skills using recent techniques like flexbox, CSS grid and learn ES6, the latest version of JavaScript. if you’re working in tech but are not familiar with coding, you probably feel a bit frustrated when talking to developers.

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While it’s certainly possible to learn coding languages independently, there is more to web development than coding. Overall, the salaries for web developers range from approximately $60,000 to more than $125,000.