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Microsoft Encarta is a detailed encyclopedia first published in 1993 containing plenty of information on numerous distinct topics. It has turned out to be a really helpful study guide for students, people and businesses. Microsoft Encarta Premium builds on the framework of its award-winning encyclopedia and provides an assortment of learning and research tools to deliver a comprehensive reference package for students in all levels. Whether you’re hunting offline or online, Encarta is a reliable resource at which you can find information on nearly any topic. Encarta Premium has an easy to use interface that will make you want to utilize it allowing families and pupils to explore a world of knowledge. It comes packed with over 300 videos, over photographs and illustrations, over 3000 sound and audio clips, and over posts to navigate from. How to Download and Install Microsoft Encarta on Windows 10? The last version of Encarta premiered in 2009. Later, Microsoft announced that it was discontinuing both the Encarta disk and internet versions. But, it’s still possible to download it from other internet portals although not from Microsoft. To download it, then follow the steps below. Step 1: Go to Microsoft Encarta download pageStep 2: Locate the downloaded fileStep 3:’ Click’Yes’ or’Run’ to start the installation. The download manager window will open Where to Get Photoshop Free? – The Encarta and exhibit some rapid specs. Click on’Next’ to proceed with the installation. Measure 4: A window will open with all the progress bar. Click on’Finish’ when the bar reaches 100% and also the status changes to’completed’Step 5: Click’open’ to begin exploring the planet of Encarta. Microsoft Encarta is entertaining and educational as well. You will be able to have a wide of range content and videos all from 1 spot. And if you love exploring the world maps and geographical features, Encarta has a way of customizing them for you so that you may get exactly what you are looking for. So why not dive in and begin? Feel free to comment and discuss about your experiences! UPDATE: Now, Encarta can’t be downloaded. Once you press Open, then it is going to send you to another web page. But, if you try to download, it will go to another webpage, where it say”link is lacking”. Luckily, Microsoft has another application, which can be downloaded for free. As an alternative, you may try the Encyclopedia Britannica app for Windows 10! Encarta, until its death, had the following characteristics:Encarta AtlasMicrosoft Encarta Premium is accompanied by an interactive atlas that’s over million map locations. You can use Encarta to explore the world atlas to find maps of many areas