TOEFL Writing Templates (Independent Essay)

hi there this is Michael from TOEFL resources comm and today’s video is about how to write a TOEFL independent essay using writing templates the question we’re dealing with today is this one the widespread use of the Internet has given people access to information on a level never before experienced how does this increase in the availability of information influence life in today’s world that’s a pretty typical question I got it from a basic textbook and like most independent essay questions it can be answered perfectly using a series of simple templates so first of all let’s talk about the introductory paragraph the introductory paragraph can be written really really well using three sentences and you can use the same three sentences basically every single time the first sentence is a hook a hook is an interesting sentence that describes the topic of the essay without revealing the main point that you’re arguing the second sentence of your paragraph is your main point that’s your thesis statement and the third sentence is a transitional sentence and again you can use this same model every time you answer an independent essay question no matter what type of question it is no matter what the topic is you can use this same template every single time here’s an example so I start with the hook most people agree that the internet effects Society in many different ways continuing with the main point in my opinion the most prominent effect of the Internet is that it has strengthened democracy and then the transition I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following essay and that’s it some people suggest including a summary of the two reasons after the transition if you’re an advanced student and you write really quickly you can quickly summarize them in the introduction but it’s not absolutely necessary let’s take a look at the body paragraphs you’re going to write two body paragraphs and they can be answered in the exact same way every single time you write an independent essay let’s take a look at the template first of all start your body paragraph with a topic sentence that summarizes your first reason beginning with something like to begin with continue by writing between one and three sentences that give general information about this reason beginning with something like for example continue by writing three or four sentences describing a personal example that illustrates your reason and then conclude with a single sentence Restatement of your topic sentence here’s an example you can pause the video if you need more time to read it I began with a nice topic sentence to begin with online investigative reporting plays a major role in exposing political corruption and keeping politicians honest so again I begin with this nice phrase to begin with and my topic sentence clearly summarizes what I’m going to be talking about in the rest of the paragraph you know that I’m going to be talking about online investigative reporting and how it exposes political corruption I continue with a few sentences that give general information about what I mean here it goes in the past there were only a limited number of news outlets and they often had deep connections to powerful politicians and were hesitant to criticize them these days however there are many independent publications on the internet that are willing to expose political behavior and then I include a real-world example or it can be one that you know you made up that’s fictional starts with for example for example an online magazine recently published a story revealing that the mayor of my hometown had taken bribes from a property developer the report was so detailed and well researched that the mayor had no choice but to resign although the evidence was not hard to locate only this independent web site was willing to write about it and that say a real-world example from my life that illustrates the reason I’m discussing and then I end with a nice restatement of my topic sentence here goes this example demonstrates how the internet helps to strengthen democracy in the modern world if you’re if you’re more of a low-level student and you find that you’re run out of time on test day you can omit this last sentence that last sentence of the body paragraph it’s good to have but you know if you’re a bit slower you can safely delete it and it probably won’t affect your score very much your second body paragraph is going to be just like the first I won’t read this paragraph here but you can pause the video if you like and read it at your leisure so it begins with a topic sentence it continues with a few general sentences and then it gives a personal example from my life and then it summarizes my reason at the end it’s about the same length as the first body paragraph and it’s written in exactly the same way with the same template and after those two body paragraphs comes your conclusion conclusion I teach a simple two sentence conclusion it begins with a restatement of the main point and it includes a single sentence summary of my two reasons here’s one for the essay at hand in conclusion I strongly believe that the Internet has strengthened democracy in modern society this is because online investigative journalism plays a big part in keeping politicians honest and because social networking sites encourage people to be politically active that last sentence it’s just this is because x and y this is because reason 1 and reason 2 you don’t need a really long detailed conclusion it’s okay to write a longer conclusion if you have lots of time but honestly your time is better spent writing good body paragraphs that’s where most of your points are going to come from and that’s it that’s how you write an independent TOEFL essay again you can use this template every time you write an essay no matter what the question is you can basically do it this way every time I hope this video has been helpful if you want to see more videos like this check out my channel or visit the main TOEFL resources comm webpage thanks very much for watching