1xbet suspected of fraud: Test & experience 2020

1xbet suspected of fraud: Test & experience 2020

Should you want to know how 1xbet works, what 1xbet has to offer and where 1xbet can still be used as an online bookmaker, you’ve come to the right place with our detailed review. In this review we answer the question of whether a 1xbet fraud is likely, or whether this well-known bookmaker from Great Britain has actually earned its good reputation. In addition to security and reliability, we dedicate ourselves to all other important details relating to sports betting. Among other things, the bonus is eyed, as is the app. Is it worth registering on this platform? Thanks to the experience we have gained, we have the answer!

The facts about the betting provider

  • 1xbet was launched in 1999.
  • In addition to the betting exchange, there is also a normal bookmaker area.
  • Sports betting, online casino games and poker are part of the offer.
  • The customer service is also available in German and is very competent.
  • New players receive a 1xbet bonus of up to 100 euros in free bets.
  • 1xbet has valid licenses from Malta and the UK.
  • The range of games is extremely wide – both for pre-match bets and live bets.

1хбет зеркало работающее скачать

Companies: 1xbet Address: Level 2, Triq Kappillan Mifsud, Santa Venera SVR 1851, Malta Registration number: C39498 License: Malta Gaming Authority / Gambling Commission Phone: 00 44 20 3059 8888 E-mail: support.de@1xbet.com Live Chat: Yes

1xbet – scam or not?

Is 1xbet fraud to be feared, or is the platform safe and reputable? This is the question many gamblers interested in betting ask themselves. No wonder, because 1xbet has been one of the best known and most popular online bookmakers in the gambling market for many years – internationally! In this detailed review we can calm down all skeptics: A 1xbet fraud is unrealistic, because the operators have been doing a very good job since they were established in 1999 and are customer-friendly and absolutely serious – that will be also reflected in the test end up in our extensive betting provider comparison .

Customer safety is a top priority for 1xbet

Since 1xbet has been active in the gaming market for around 20 years, the operators know very well how to present themselves to their visitors in a serious manner. In addition to the necessary licenses, 1xbet mainly builds on trust. The operators win the trust of customers through various certificates and awards. Much more important, however, are your own basic rules, which have not only been drawn up, but can also be viewed transparently for every user on the website. For example, the online bookmaker relies on two-step authentication so that manipulation is impossible. The ISO 27001 certification obtained stands for the information security prevailing at 1xbet. Of course, data will not be passed on to third parties. The encryption on the platform insures

Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the Gambling Commission

In almost every industry in the world, we skeptics fear lies and deceit. Unfortunately, this pessimistic idea sometimes applies. The sports betting scene in particular is in a difficult position in our society. Many people think that this opens the door to fraudsters. However, this is not the case! Various institutions have been set up to ensure customer safety. As a result, it has become anything but easy to offer games of chance on the World Wide Web or even on site in a betting office. Without a valid license, the operators have no legal basis to provide sports betting or casino games. Of course, 1xbet also has such a valid license – or rather: In our experience, 1xbet can even show the licensing of two independent institutions. On the one hand, the online bookmaker is being checked by the British Gambling Commission so that it could possibly offer sports betting in its home country of Great Britain. Secondly, 1xbet was also licensed by the well-knownMalta Gaming Authority (MGA) issued. Most online bookmakers are now licensed in Malta – and certainly will then look forward to a valid EU license.

Always fair odds – even outside the 1xbet betting exchange

How does the player calculate his potential profit when betting? All he has to do is multiply his bet by the quoted odds. This results in the amount that is paid back to the user if the tip is correct. If it is a combination bet and not a single bet, all odds are multiplied together – and of course the stake. Once the player has understood this system, he knows why betting odds are so important in the sports betting scene. Therefore, the betting professionals are always looking for attractive odds. This is another reason why 1xbet is really so popular around the world. The betting exchange enables somewhat higher betting odds than a normal online bookmaker. Unfortunately, the betting exchange is not accessible to customers from Germany. But the German players can look forward to 1xbet’s bookmaking section. Here, too, top odds are available, which are usually higher than all the competition.

The offer – betting markets and their depth

Most fans of sports will place a bet one or more times at some point in their life. The thrill and the resulting increase in tension are promising. Of course, many players are only interested in having fun, but they would certainly have no objection to a great cash win. To work on this, however, the user has to be very familiar with his preferred sport – and first find it with the corresponding online bookmaker. At 1xbet this shouldn’t be a problem, because the platform makes almost all sports available to its visitors. In the meantime, you can no longer rely on the top leagues and mainstream sports. The range of games offered by the online betting company has expanded somewhat in recent years.

It goes without saying that the 1xbet player can invest money in football – for example in the Bundesliga or the Premier League. The top tournaments in tennis, ice hockey, basketball and handball are also offered by almost all online bookmakers. Much more important for all visitors is the question of whether lower-class leagues are also offered or whether various fringe sports are played on the platform. These questions can now also be answered with yes at 1xbet. Many races in motorsport, tournaments in darts or events in golf are available to fans. You can even bet on matches in chess, dog races and horse races. If there are important elections in politics or a TV event moves the world, the visitor can also bet his money on these events.

Live betting

A reference to live betting will not be missing in virtually any 1xbet review. This is not surprising, because live betting has earned a good reputation. Around the clock, visitors will find what they are seeking in this area of ​​the website. Immediately after registering, logging in and making the first deposit, he can click on “Live Betting” and place money on games that are already running. Here the user will not miss a important football or tennis game. But the fringe sports are not neglected either. Live bets are particularly attractive for those who have already placed a bet before the start of the game. If you no longer believe in your tip, you can now sell it relatively cheaply. Anyone who can read a game well – regardless of the type of sport – has already found the right area in live betting.

Casino & Poker

Thanks to the online casino that is also on the website1xbet can call itself a full-range provider. Even if this review is all about sports betting, we don’t want to go unmentioned that the friends of online casino games will also enjoy this platform. This online bookmaker comes with an online casino and an integrated live casino. The user can enjoy themselves there – perhaps between two exciting football games – with table and card games or various slots. In the live casino, the player is served by attractive dealers who make the already exciting happenings in the casino appear even more exciting and realistic. Poker fans can also look forward to it, because 1xbet has been offering virtual poker rooms for many years. Here the visitor can compete with opponents from all over the world.

The bonus for new customers – this is how it starts

A betting bonus is now a good form in the gaming scene. Hardly any online bookmaker will find users on the World Wide Web who do not welcome new customers with a promotion. 1xbet also joins this tradition – and has been for around 20 years. However, if you register for the first time on 1xbet, you will not receive a classic first deposit bonus. Rather, the operators rely on customers depositing money and placing their first bets with it. Only then will the new users receive various free bets credited to their newly opened account.

Overall, the The sports betting bonus in detail

Admittedly, the 1xbet bonus sounds a bit complicated at first glance. The bonus certainly takes getting used to because it differs greatly from the offers of the competition. In fact, it is also very easy to understand. After at least 10 euros have been deposited, the player only has to place 10 euros on a single bet five times. Then he collects a € 20 free bet, which he can invest in any market. This process are repeated up to five times for a total of 100 euros. The player may of course keep the winnings of the free bets, although the stake is deducted again after the tip. Only the net profit is decisive, which means that high odds should move into the focus of interest. The minimum quota is 1 anyway.

Promotions for existing customers are not uncommon at 1xbet

Strictly speaking, the 1xbet bonus just presented is not a new customer bonus, because after all, the payout extends over a longer period of time – if the player has long been a existing customer. But the operators don’t stop there. The users who are already registered can benefit from the generosity of the operators in other ways. So-called referrals have been around for years. If a new user registers at 1xbet because of you, you receive a attractive bonus. Additionally be rewarded if you have been registered on the platform for at least a year and it is your birthday. You can also look forward to promotions from 1xbet every now and then at major sporting events – such as the World Cup or World Cup or the Olympic Games. Therefore it is also worthwhile

Deposit and withdrawal – methods and experiences

The world of gambling should be mostly about the fun and excitement. Winning money has to be in the background, because handing in sports bets is not a safe job. Nevertheless, of course, all players want to be able to make long-term profits – and that is quite possible! To work on this, however, money must first be paid into the player account. A deposit is particularly lucrative if the user can also organize a extra credit. The 1xbet bonus is not a classic first deposit bonus, but in order to take part in this promotion, the user still has to transfer money to his account at some point.

It’s not that difficult at all. To work on this, the user simply clicks on the keyword deposit in his player menu. Now he can enter his desired amount and select the preferred payment method. At 1xbet there are – in the truest sense of the word – numerous deposit options. Among other things, he can access main-stream bank transfers or instant transfers, as well as various credit cards and the eWallet services Neteller, Skrill and even PayPal. The Paysafecard, that will be so popular on the World Wide Web, can also be used to transfer money at 1xbet. Waiting times are not to be accepted. It can only take a few hours for the payout – or several working days for the bank transfer.

Support – the helpful hand?

Open questions are not uncommon in the gambling scene. Newbies often find it difficult to understand terms or to understand processes. Most operators, however, provide a remedy for these problems. On the 1xbet platform, visitors will also find a detailed FAQ area, which can now even be accessed in German. Here all important questions are answered in advance. If there are still questions unanswered, the player can of course also contact the staff directly. We particularly recommend email support for this, as it not only answers very quickly, but also deals with user problems competently and in detail. If it has to be quick, the live chat can of course also be called up. However, this is not always staffed with German-speaking employees. The telephone hotline is not free of charge.

The homepage and the mobile game options

Since the 1xbet platform has been available on the World Wide Web for around 20 years, customers have already noticed some design revisions. In this review we can definitely say that there has been a clear improvement. a few years ago, the website was relatively confusing and complicated. In the meantime, however, you can quickly find your way around as a new player. All important areas can be reached with just a few clicks and the color scheme also invites you to linger. According to our 1xbet experience, this statement can also be transferred to the attractive 1xbet app. Interested players can download the software for free on their smartphone or tablet so that they can immediately access bets and casino games while on the move.

Conclusion: 1xbet – a global player in the field of sports betting for years

Players do not need to be afraid of 1xbet cheating. We have explained the reasons for this at length in this 1xbet Review. The online bookmaker was launched in 1999 and has since earned a good reputation internationally. This is not only due to the excellent platform, the safe and serious work of the operators or the generally huge selection of games. The fact that this new customers can collect a plus and place their bets on the go thanks to the app also speaks a clearly positive language. Anyone interested in sports that are not always in the focus of the general public will also find their area here on the website. Sports fans often spend time in the online casino or the live casino.